Covid-19 Information

COVID-19: A message to our customers

Given the difficulty of the current environment, we want above all to continue to offer you moments of escape. Whether it's by making your children happy, or for your personal pleasure, our selection of panda gifts was selected with the utmost care for the happiness of the enthusiasts of Pandas.

That's why we continue to ship orders with the utmost care. By strictly complying with the government's measures to protect our employees and customers in the best way. Some orders may be exposed to delivery delays, but we have already adapted our working methods to offer you a unique quality of delivery that combines speed, efficiency, and safety.

At Panda Universe, we take the safety and integrity of our staff very seriously. That is why, in this epidemic context, we have taken all necessary measures to preserve the safety and well-being of our employees.

As a result of the government's actions social distinction in distribution and sorting centres, delivery times are generally longer than usual. Our priority is above all to Maintaining health and safety our employees, but we also do everything we can to provide you with ever faster delivery.

That being said, and despite our best efforts, some delays are expected and we have disabled our overseas delivery service.

We actively work with our partners to ensure fast and secure deliveries throughout France and Europe.