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73 products

73 products

Panda universe has the largest range of soft toys for pandas on the French market. If you're looking plush in cotton or woven polyester, our shop is the place for you !

Our ranges of pandas toys and soft toys are so adorable that just by looking at them you will already feel better. Ideal to create a cute atmosphere, or to offer to your friends, our toys and stuffed animals pandas will bring you happiness and comfort.

You'll find the best Pandas toys, soft toys and cuddly toys about Panda universe. Find the Plush Panda who represents you thanks to our exclusive selection !


Also popular with adults, the Panda plush is mainly intended for children. Ideal gift idea from birth, the fabric of the plush is as soft as fur. Children most often use them as a toy to tell beautiful stories, but they can also be objects to reassure themselves.

They are available in all sizes, sometimes up to 2 meters for the largest plush... In any material (linen, silk, nylon or wool) and colors, and can also be used as decorative items in a child's room. Our pandas toys and stuffed animals are here to make you happier and cheerful with unbeatable prices.

Our soft toys as well as our clothes are made from of flax, silk, wool or synthetic yarn to get superior quality. The coils of yarn are carefully chosen for the manufacture of our fluff in order to obtain a durable and environmentally friendly plush. Our teams of small pandas, based around the world, are responsible for checking the quality and level of each product before each shipment.

Discover our wide range of pandas toys and stuffed animals, which will make your whole family happy. Ranging from panda plush, giant panda plush, super cute squishy, or toys with the effigy of our friends pandas, on our shop universe of panda, you will necessarily find what you need.


Soft toys are products that have been on the market for many years and are usually a fundamental part of a child's life, as they help him develop certain physical and/or cognitive skills, and also help him to entertain and have fun in a very healthy way, being part of his growth. It should be noted that they are suitable for children of all ages, but there are also many types of toys on the market that we must choose according to different factors such as our child's age, personality, type, among others.

The story of PANDA fluff

The history of teddy bears dates back to 1902, and there are many different versions about its creation but the most popular one indicates that it was an organized hunt for President Roosevelt, where a bear was tied to a tree so that it had a hunting prize without much effort and without having to go hunting really, but at the moment when the president was to give the bear the coup de grace, he did not want it and this story became popular by spreading all over the world local newspapers of the time.

Within days, a candy salesman heard the news, and he made a teddy bear with buttons and old cloth, and placed it at the door of his store with the newspaper item. Immediately, the teddy bear became popular among the locals, without this man knowing that he had invented the most popular toy in the world.

And so, over the years, the stuffed animals have developed a multitude of variants and among the best known we have the panda plush, characterized by its soft and delicate skin, which radiates with total tenderness and that is why they are one of the most striking on the market, we distinguish them from others by the large spots they have around the eyes.

It should be noted that we can find them of all sizes, in a variety of materials, and although their color is white, we can now see them in many colors.


The stuffed animals are usually very eye-catching and have a special charm that everyone loves.

They are generally good at giving not only to children but to anyone, they have this particular taste that is the public's favorite, in addition to their sweetness, tenderness and love are other elements that delight everyone and although many brands include them in the category of children's toys, plush toys are ideal for people of all ages.

That's why we'll describe below some features to make a good choice of a stuffed panda:

Design of the softie: to attract the child's attention, the design of the softie plays a fundamental role. It must be attractive because it will arouse the curiosity of the child and it will play with it without problem.

After all these tips for choosing a toy, it can become a complex task, but by investing a little time in research and acquisition, you can choose a good toy. Another important point to emphasize is the softness and tenderness expressed by a softie, because this is what will help the child to feel attracted to him.

Development materials: This type of toy can be found made in different materials for optimal and easy use of children.

They are usually made of plush because it is a strong and soft material for children, and polyester is a very remarkable material for this type of toys, it is usually the hairy skin that we like stuffed animals.

Brand: this is one of the most important factors when buying a stuffed panda, as many brands are generally not of total quality, i.e. the fabric material may be weak, may be unsewn, deteriorate over time, among other factors.

Of course, price is also an influential factor, but it goes hand in hand with the quality of the softie.