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14 products

A coffee or tea with a little sugar and the day can start with a panda.


To give life to the panda in your kitchen and to follow the trend, the pandas cups are very popular. So you can distinguish many designs and versions. Some cups are rather simple and carry only a small image of the animal. There is a difference between the drawings and the picture assemblies. Then there are those with a lot of glitter, pictures and dictons. There are also panda-shaped cuts. If you haven't found an appropriate model, you can also design the customized cups with your own photos and dictate on appropriate websites and order them for your home.


A panda-shaped cup brings a fresh colour and a new wind in the kitchen and in the collection of dishes. This serine animal gives the kitchen a brand new style. Adults and children will be happy to drink their coffee or tea in a panda cup. The mug is also ideal as a gift.


The popular mugs are available in different models. The simple variants are for most white cups with a printed image cute, sketched or real. Another form of cup with a panda is a much more colorful and striking variant. The cup is then turned into a scintillating cup, many pandas are printed on the cup and fine words with black and white colors can also be found on the cups. Often, a mug panda with a saying is also very much asked. The mug with the name is very individual and is a beautiful gift. A cup may also have the shape of the animal. Thus, the panda-shaped mug may have the panda's ears, or the mug anse may be the tail of the mug.


However, the panda-based mug does not only embellish the kitchen of the house, but it can also make the hearts of friends and relatives stronger. The cup is ideal as a gift. Whether it is for the birthday of a child or for engagement, everyone will be happy to have a cup of the panda's effigy. The gift is especially pleasant if the cup is customized with the right name. To complete the gift, coloured candy or star glitter can also be placed in the mug.

Where can I buy a panda mug? The range of mugs is very wide. Especially on the Internet, you'll find them quickly. Many online suppliers sell mugs and you just have to do a little research yourself and your favorite cup will be found quickly. If you want to personalize your cup with your own words and photos, the internet is also the right place to go. There are online suppliers that print photos and also produce mugs directly.

You may also find something in the local store that sells trinkets, decor or crockery.


The mug with a panda motif is a veritable highlight for your decoration on the theme of the animal. The coffee has a bamboo forest taste and the eyes of the children shine. The cup is also ideal as a gift idea. Everyone rejoices in a cup with a printed image or a dictum of wisdom that represents the panda and the cup therefore quickly becomes a must have. They are available online on Panda's Universe, in many different designs and finishes. Only find your favorite mug!