Panda slippers

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9 products

Warm feet are especially important in winter, which is why you can buy all kinds of socks again. But let's be honest: do you prefer thick socks or slippers?


They are not only very stylish, they also provide much more warmth than simple socks could ever. They create a unique feeling of comfort that is hard to beat in terms of comfort. They are soft and pleasant and keep your toes warm on cold days with their thick layer, while drawing attention. But these Pandas slippers are no ordinary slippers, no! For children, they are both toe warmers and toys and can therefore be mistaken for "plush animals"and used for cuddles and games. But they are not only popular with the little ones, but the cute slippers are also very popular with the older ones because of their mix of functionality and extravagance. have absolutely no drawbacks. You just have to be careful with babies, as they like to put anything that can be reached with their little hands in their mouths. Therefore, always make sure to keep the shoes out of reach when you are not using them.


It's not just "the" plush shoes. Tastes are different, as we all know, and therefore there is a huge selection of shoes printed with the wonderful animal in the panda world. Whether they are white or rather pink, with big eyes kawaii or rather discreet. Panda style slippers come in many variations and therefore represent a growing fashion trend. As if these plush slippers weren't already a strong point in themselves, there are of course also constant novelties in this area for some time. The bright panda slippers are another must have for any fan! They convey a sense of magic and additionally provide warm toes, which is unique in this combination. LEDs are not too penetrating either, on the contrary. The lights are concealed under the fabric, so the lighting effect is somewhat attenuated. It creates a comfortable environment wherever you are. Another effect is the fact that LEDs are caused by sensors that are only activated when there is movement. This means that the shoes only light up when you move. It is simply magic!


The pandas shoes are made of very comfortable and soft terry cloth. But of course there are also variations. Some of them are available in the market with additional synthetic fur. This further increases the level of "softness". You can also wear them as an extra source of warmth when you are comfortably stretched out on the living room sofa, wrapped in a panda blanket. Thus, the slippers do not feel alone and the comfort factor is increased again. Of course, security also plays an important role. The slippers are equipped with a non-slip sole. These allow for worry-free activities. They go, of course, with the pajamas available in your panda universe shop, in which you can procrastinate all day at the weekend.

Where can i buy plush slippers?

These plush slippers can now be purchased almost anywhere. The best place to find them is Panda universe of course ! As you can see, these fluffy shoes have already taken over the entire market - and with good reason.


Not only do women and children enjoy these popular foot warmers, but men are also free from the trouble of suffering from constantly having to warm the cold feet of loved ones. And what looks better with your favorite animal themed socks or t-shirt than plush shoes? Absolute recommendation to buy! Find the full range on our store!