Top ten animals

Animals come in many forms, in all sizes, from the smallest to the blue whale 🐋 30 meters long! Whether you measure it by weight, height or length, there's no doubt that some animals are bigger than others in their class.

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(10) Goliath beetle

Hiding in the shrubbery of Africa's tropical forests, Goliath beetle Top of the list of the world's heaviest insects! They weigh 100 grams, are 11.5 cm long and are brown / Black / white.

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9) Chinese salamander

andrias davidianus It's the largest amphibian in existence. It weighs about 30 kg, but can reach 60 kg and is 1.8 meters long. Compared with their ancestors, they have little change and are called living fossils, but despite their attractive nature, they are threatened and rare in nature.

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8) Ostrich

ostrich It is the largest bird in existence. It is 2.7 meters tall and weighs 156 kg. It is 5cm tall and has the largest eyes of all birds. They have no teeth and can survive for days without water because they can make their own water inside and extract the remaining water from the plants they eat!

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7) Saltwater crocodile

The biggest reptile 🐊 What's alive is Saltwater crocodileThe average length is 5.2m, but it can reach 6.3m, and the weight can reach 453 kg. They are widely distributed in saline and brackish water in India, Asia and parts of Australia and feed on any animal that teeth can reach, including sharks (if they have the chance).

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6) Whale shark

Under the water, the biggest live fish is Whale shark It's 12 meters long. They weigh an impressive 24 tons (22 tons), but despite their size, they feed mainly on tiny plankton.

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Whale sharks are found in tropical waters all over the world 🦈 Considered vulnerable and hunted in some areas.

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5) Brown bear

The location of the largest carnivore on earth Brown bear And polar bears. He weighs 907 kg and stands 3 meters tall. Standing on his hind legs, he definitely won the position of the biggest carnivore.

When you find brown bears in the forests and mountains of North America, Europe and Asia, you have to go north to the Arctic Circle to see them🐻They share time between the sea and the ice and feed mainly on seals.

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4) Giraffe

The height is 5.8m, giraffe 🦒 is the largest living animal on Earth; the neck alone is 1.8 m high. In the grasslands of East Africa, it feeds mainly on high-rise vegetation, using its long, graspable tongues to pluck young shoots and leaves from trees.

Babies are born after a gestation period of 15 months and are already 2 m high!

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The largest living terrestrial animal is African elephant 🐘, which can weigh up to 6,350 kg; it is usually 10.6 m from the trunk to the tail and has a shoulder height of 4.2 m.

There are at least two species, the savannah elephant and the forest elephant, and they are currently listed as venerable in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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The size of the colossa squidL 🦑 is often exaggerated, viral messages on the Internet claiming that it can reach 18 m or even 27 m long! However, the largest documented squid was 14 m long. They have the largest eyes of the animal kingdom, reaching 25 cm in diameter!

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The Blue Whale 🐳 is the largest animal of all time, reaching a weight of about 180 tons and a length of 30 meters. Her tongue alone can weigh as much as an elephant and her heart as much as a car, but she survives thanks to a diet rich in tiny plankton.

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We've just seen the biggest animals in the world together! You're now unstoppable on the subject!

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