Top ten animals like sunshine

The sun is important to all life on earth-Yes. However, when many animals choose to hide in the shade, some animals like to stay outside and bask in the warm light.

When we are in the hot summer, we enjoy the animal kingdom of some of the greatest sun lovers; This is our top ten.

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10) Mongoose

Members of the mongoose family in the deserts and grasslands of Africa, Mongoose I just like the sun.

They are well adapted to the hot weather, covered with a thin layer of fur, abdomen has a layer of dark skin, used to control body temperature, can be supine heating, can also rest.

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9) Sea lion

Sunbathing is good for you Sea lions-Yes. They gathered in the great colonies along the Pacific coast and spent a lot of time arguing loudly in the best places.

If you're lucky, you might see them lying in the water with their fins up, the sun warming their blood and their bodies circulating.

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8) Hippo

Hippo Bask in the sun on the banks and by the lake, and warm up when it's cool. But they value skin care and secrete their own natural sunscreen to keep skin moist and prevent dry and cracked skin.

The pink color of sunscreen makes people think hippos sweat, but in fact they don't sweat at all.

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7) Cape Penguin

More common is associated with cold weather, our next solar enthusiast is penguin! african penguin Native to southern African waters, it gathers in large colonies (< 3000 penguins) on beaches near Cape Town.

They dive into the water, lie alternately in the sun, and even, as we all know, steal space from swimmers' beach towels!

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6) Blackbird

Most birds bask in the sun in some way. The most famous example is Blackbird-Yes. On a sunny day, you often see a robin basking in the sun in your garden. Its wings are open and its feathers are soft.

It's part of their feather care, because it allows the smooth oil to spread, which is important to keep their feathers healthy. Sunbathing can also attract parasites that may be hidden in feathers.

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5) Marine iguana

Like most lizards, Marine iguana Often in the sun. They originated in the Galapagos Islands. As the name suggests, they spend a lot of time at sea and are very suitable for swimming.

They are cold-blooded, which means they can't control their body temperature, and they rely on sunbathing on lava to keep warm after they sink into the sea.

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4) Black snake

snake It's another animal that can't regulate its temperature. It depends on the sun to regulate its temperature. After meals, they need to raise their body temperature to digest food and bathe in the sun.

They can be completely hidden under warm rocks, or they can stretch parts of their bodies and digest their prey in direct sunlight. Garter snakes, in particular, are famous for their pilgrimage habits.

They hibernate in winter and rest for a while after going out to accumulate energy for foraging.

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3) Painted tortoise

Like the ocean iguana, Painted turtle You need to be in the sun to absorb heat and keep your body temperature. They come out of the water at sunrise and rest for a few hours to warm up and prepare for the day.

They can hang out on the shore, but usually find a temporary raft on which to bask in the sun. Sun exposure is also important for the health of turtles, as ectoparasites dry and fall in the sun.

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2) Crocodile

crocodile You need sunlight to regulate your temperature. As a result, they spend a lot of time alone or in large groups called congregations.

They really enjoy the hot weather, but when they are too hot, they go swimming to cool off. You can also see them open their mouths and release the accumulated heat.

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1) Pine worm

Pine worm I really don't like cool temperatures. They hide in autumn, but they often go out in the sun, which is very important for their health.

Western bedbugs absorb sunlight, produce chemicals, and then spread them on their bodies with their claws as they comb. These chemicals devour bacteria in the body to prevent them from harming them.

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