If you are looking for a tattoo, one of the reasons you can consider is Panda tattoo.

You will find that, like all animal-based tattooing patterns, the Panda tattoo symbolism Is based on the qualities of the animal itself. Often represented alone, black and white bear tattoos may also contain other elements.

We will now examine the selection of panda tattooing patterns and the symbolism attributed to them so that you can make an informed choice.

Panda origami tattoo


The panda bear is very symbolic in Eastern culture. Many people of both sexes, who work with this peaceful and cute animal, can choose to be tattooed in love for the animal, while others can do it for symbolic reasons. For a long time, the panda bear represented peace and serenity.

Kawaii panda tattoo

Although the panda is an animal belonging to the bear family, it has the eyes of a cat, which makes it unique.

Although carnivorous, most of its food is made up of bamboo. In addition, the panda is a calm and relaxed animal, different from other bears, as it is known to be very vicious and aggressive.


The patterns of tattoos can vary greatly. In fact, we can go so far as to say that there is no element that cannot be considered to be used for a panda tattoo. In addition, the genus also varies from realist to cartoon or Kawaii, like the cartoons.

In addition, people may choose to use only the head of the animal. Others may choose a tattoo based on a sugar panda head. In most cases, panda tattooing has a mignonne and calm expression, but few people have already chosen a bear tattoo at an aggressive pace.

Large panda tattoo


The meanings surrounding panda tattoos are numerous and most of them are very positive.

But at the end of the day, the symbolism you assign to a panda tattoo will have to be yours. But the general meanings assigned are as follows:

  • Being strong,
  • Being calm and peaceful
  • Male or Female
  • Have a balance
  • To be full of grace and nobility
  • Be knowledgeable and wise
  • To be lucky and to be magical

The panda tattoo, which focuses on black and white, is also considered to be a balance between the feminine (Yin) and the masculine (Yang). Some people think that colours represent different cultures.

Ying yang panda tattoo

They have positive and optimistic qualities. For some, it also means being inside and outside. Some believe that the tattoo of the creature is a symbol of protection, while others take it to protect this endangered species.

Some panda tattoos show him eating bamboo or grasping grass.

Although it is undoubtedly a very cute and attractive tattoo, we still want to warn those who are considering tattooing a panda or any other tattoo of this type, so that they reflect, do research and are safe before being tattooed.

The fact is that a tattoo is a big investment on your body, money, time-to get it and for the time spent caring for it.

You must be sure of the type of tattoo that you do, the place where you do it, the person who does it, and, above all, the reason why you are tattooing.

Panda tattoo

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