Winter is coming ... and we're sure you get goosebumps just thinking about it!

You are probably wondering how you will be able to combine elegance, comfort and warmth with a touch of yourfurry animal Chinesefavorite.

No more worries dear reader (s), our team specializing in the making ofpanda products has found the perfect solution for your nexthibernationwinter.

Stay with us until the end, because in this article you will find many ideas ofpajama jumpsuits & kigurumi with the effigy of magnificent pandas and many others animals fascinating !  

I. The panda pajama jumpsuit to relax smoothly or party in style

Do you remember that time when everything was tenderness, cotton and snooze? Happiness. Wrapped up in our onesies, nothing could disturb oursleepand ourdreamspeaceful. A real cocoon of sweetness !

Thebaby bottles,thelullabies, thesoft toys... Of course, this all seems a long way off today. But just because we don't wear diapers anymore (stop me if I'm wrong!) Doesn't mean we should deprive ourselves of the comfort and happiness of yesteryear.

Lucky for us, pajamas aren't just for kids!

Whether everyday, for comfort and reassurance, or for very special occasions, thesecombinationsblack & white are always trendy!

In fact, in our opinion, the most trendy of them is certainly the panda pajama jumpsuit. How to resist in the face of the touching little face of this great mammal eater of bamboo ?

The giant panda, also called Ailuropoda Melanoleuca, belongs to the order of carnivorous, and more precisely to the family of ursidae (bear).

During its evolution, the panda turned to a dietherbivorous, that is to say almost exclusively composed of bamboo, which earned it the nickname of"Bamboo bear"by local Chinese people. Too cute isn't it?

In short, these panda jumpsuits are perfect for multiple daily uses:

  • Soft and warm onesie for peaceful sleep
  • Loose and comforting pajamas for hanging out & cocooning
  • Colorful costume to wow your friends at pajama party or cosplay & onesie evenings
  • Competition costume to transform you into a gliding star during a ski vacation or for an evening on the theme "Black & white"

We hope you like them!

II. Animal pajama suits to tame mysterious and powerful creatures

Yes, dear readers, pandas are not the only ones that deserve your attention this winter.

There are also combinations with the effigy of many others creatures, alive, imaginary and even disappeared!

For example, if you prefer reptiles, insects, birds, unicorns, dragons or the dinosaurs, you can choose from the different animal pajama jumpsuits that exist.

You will see, they are superb, and there are some for young, old, women & men. All that's missing is you to bring them to life.

On our side, we admit having a weakness for red panda pajamas, the fox onesies and the disguises

But you know, the tastes and the colors, it depends on each one!

We hope you enjoyed this little panda pajama topo and wish you a warm and comfortable winter!

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