Panda Doudou: seven good reasons

stay pandaHer lovely bear shape and amazing black and white dress attracted most of us. Not a day at a time Plush Or one peas His portrait? In this article, we will list Doudou Panda Perfect partner!

Doudou Panda

one This is a big teddy bear

Many people want to know panda It's a real bear. Yes, he is family Page of Sepiidae Endemic Diseases Central China-Yes. He weighs an average of 100 kg, has a fluffy fur and looks like a big teddy bear.

However, there is controversy about the classification of this animal, which shares characteristics with its cousins. panda gules He's a member of the raccoon family. In fact, they have a common ancestor, and they all have a sixth finger or false thumb on their front leg, which is used to grasp and peel bamboo.

Little bear or big raccoon? In Tibetan, its name means "Panda"This makes its origin more obscure. As mammalian George B. Schaller says in his book the last panda, a panda is a panda, and we will stick to that here.

two Panda is Zen

Panda is Zen attitude-Yes. Panda running is very rare, its range of activity is very small, and very slow, which explains why its territory is not as big as brown bear. His legendary indifference made him a symbol of peace and invited people to meditate. stay peas panda So it's an ideal nap partner!

But by the way, why is he so relaxed? stay panda giant Eat too much, up to 45% of your body weight every day. It can eat dozens of kilograms of plants in a day, mainly bamboo. Digestion takes a long time and requires a lot of energy. Besides, he sleeps more than 15 hours a day! There is no doubt that sleeping on a panda with a hypnotic attitude ensures a deep and restorative sleep.

six He's so cute.

There is no doubt that panda is very cute, everyone will agree. He agreed, big or small. In the zoo, he is always a star. It's true Pandamania Oh, my God! But why is it so successful?

Studies of human behavior have shown that round faces with big eyes generate new venous stimuli that increase brain activity. Areas associated with happiness and emotion are activated and we feel positive.

So we naturally tend to find panda lovely. His round head and eyes are very big because of the spots around him. He has everything that can move us. These physical characteristics, together with his sometimes childish behavior, make him one of the loveliest people in the animal world.

In order to make your baby feel good in his sleep, you can give him his favorite panda Doudou and use one Baby phone Extra to ensure the safety of her children's room.

Panda Red Bean

forty-four He will be your best friend

Although pandas are quiet and lonely, they also know how to play. He likes to climb trees and has been practicing since he was seven months old. Just like everyone else SepiidaePanda is also a good swimmer. Unfortunately, it often does not have the opportunity to take advantage of this capability, as it lives mainly in forested mountainous areas. panda come from forest Page of Sichuan I used to swim across the Yangtze River several times.

Don't hesitate to risk her in the park or garden. But be careful not to forget. For example, when you're out, write down a phone number on your bracelet. You can also Embroider your beans or plush Panda has your name, initials or a small pattern of your choice, so that when you lose it, you can recognize it more easily.

Your best friend Panda

six He won't bite you in your sleep.

Although panda's digestive system CarnivoresIt mainly feeds on plants. So he won't bite you at night or during a nap. It's almost entirely vegetarian and can eat up to 35 kilograms of bamboo and other wild plants a day: gentian, iris, saffron and various herbs. However, it occasionally hunts small rodents or fish.

EC company behavior Basically Herbivores The digestive system that does not adapt to this diet produces great fatigue. Digestion is not the best, only 17% of the food is absorbed, compared with 80% for "normal" herbivores. This evolution from carnivores to herbivores is undoubtedly due to the slow adaptation to the environment. However, this assumption is not consistent in the scientific community.

Sleeping baby

sixty-six He is a sacred animal of Chinese culture.

Panda is a good companion. Yes, he is very famous! He's even one Symbol Culture in order to Los Angeles China-Yes. Its calm character and color are reminiscent of yin-yang Make himharmonious-Yes. Its black and white spots inspire all kinds of myths and legends. Chinese people regard panda as a vivid representative of yin and Yang.

stay pandaT is also a symbol of peace and friendship. As a national treasure, it is used by China as a diplomatic gift to emphasize China's good relations or desire for reconciliation with another country. Therefore, panda loans between Chinese and foreign zoos are not uncommon, which is a sign of trust and respect between the two countries. This is the so-called ~ Panda Diplomacy ».

six Giant panda on the verge of extinction

Since the 1950s, Panda distribution It gradually shrinks. The main reasons are human activities: deforestation, mining, construction, agricultural land increase, etc. the disappearance of a large number of bamboo surface and the inbreeding problems related to the low radius of individual activities lead to species decay.



today, Giant panda in China be confined only to Sichuan Province, Shaanxi and Gansu Province-Yes. The number of wild giant pandas is about 1900. This number is higher than in the 1980s, when there were only 1114, due to the efforts made in recent years, especially in recent yearsassociation World Wide Fund for nature He chose panda as his symbol to represent his action to protect nature and wildlife.

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Doudou Panda

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