It is not surprising that your peluches are your most valuable asset and it is therefore important that we follow a few easy steps that will allow your new pelts to remain super clean and new.

The aim of this blog is to make sure that all our Panda's Universe members know how to clean their peels so that they are always clean and free of germs. We hope that this information will help us all to keep our peluches clean.

What is good is that no matter how you crush it, the tordez, the push-at the end, it always bounces back to regain its shape and remains firm to be fit. Don't be afraid to think that your peluches will lose their shape or colour when you clean them.

You can decide how often to clean your peluches according to their degree of dirt. The advantage of your peluches is that they are machine washable, which allows you to wash them once a week, one week out of two or whenever you want.

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There are two very simple ways to clean your precious stuffed animals.

1) Using a washing machine:

Use the soft cold cycle option on your washing machine. 
Using your usual mild detergent, follow the instructions on the back of your bottle, make sure to pour a good quantity of it so that it comes out with a fresh scent while eliminating all the dirt.

If you wish to disinfect your peluches, we recommend that you use an antibacterial disinfectant such as Sanitol, which eliminates 99.9 % of the bacteria and contains 0 % bleach.
After washing your stuffed animal, it is best to let it dry in the open air.

2) Wash your peluches by hand:

Gather all the items you need: a mild detergent, a clean and dry towel, and a clean area where you can fill up the water, such as a sink or bucket.
Once you have filled your sink/bucket of hot water, pour your detergent and begin in a pumping movement.

Let stand in the water and the solution for about 15 minutes for the freshest and longest peluches for the hardest, before rinsing.
Once this is done, you can place it under running water or fill the water/bucket with clean water and do the same pumping and rinse all.
After washing your plush, it is best to let it dry in the open air.


Recommendation on certain detergents that you can use:

  • The Green Tree-Laundry Liquid Hypoallergenic Au Savon Végétal: Eliminates the most tenacious spots and is very soft for sensitive skin.
  • Persil Bio washing powder Bio: Another super efficient cleaning detergent that is also mild.

Recommendation for some of the antibacterial detergents you can use:

  • Sanitol, disinfectant for washing: Eliminates 99.9 % of the bacteria and contains 0 % of bleach.
  • Parsley: antibacterial disinfectant for linen: Tue 99.9 % of bacteria and viruses that you cannot see and can be used at low temperature.
  • Dettol Antibacterial cleaner for washing the linen Fresh Coton: Tue the germs and bacteria even at low temperature. Perfect to wash our little pandas to the cold water while killing all the germs.


If you don't always have the opportunity to wash your companions every week, but you still want them to be locked up against you, then we suggest you buy a surface antibacterial spray. Spray them gently to get quick action to destroy germs. In this way, you should not neglect your peluches.

We hope our blog has been able to help you keep your peluches clean. If you have any other questions, please send us an email to Stay safe and take care of those around you.

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