Pandas soft toys🐼 of your Panda Universe shop come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. To choose the right stuffed animal can be difficult. This guide 🧐 will help you go through some hypothetical situations and give you ideas for choosing the perfect plush for any occasion.

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Plushfull of options. That they are cute and cuddly or impressive and lifelike, whether standing or sitting, whether they have a soft and flexible body or whether they are firm and easy to pose, the possibilities are limitless.

With so many options and plush toys available, choose a stuffed animal can be a daunting task. It seems easy enough until it's time to go shopping and the questions start to arise. What if they don't like it? What if it's too big? Is it too small? Did I make the right choice?🤯

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When you buy for yourself it is much easier answer questions about what will work best for you, but when you buy it for someone else, difficulties can arise. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a plush toy 🧸 for the others.

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If you buy a panda blanket for a baby👶, do not forget to look for compliant toys to ensure its safety. Some of these toys have teething rings integrated, serve as blanket where are embroidered with phrases like "I Love You" ❤️.

Most of us have owned a stuffed animal at one point or another in our life, and even if we don't remember our first, we probably have memories ofan animal that we particularly loved in our childhood.

Do a good impression and provides this reassuring experience to a baby. No pressure, but it is a decision that will accompany him throughout his life. Choose wisely the right plush or the right blanket🐼 ‼️

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The first thing to consider here is the child's age. If the child is five years old boundless energy, it is more likely he plays with the animal than to stage it. A stuffed panda Medium sized with a soft, durable body will be better (and a lot more fun to play) than an animal with delicate parts or materials. Let's be realistic, children are messy. You will want a stuffed toy which can be washed in the washing machine🧼 without losing its authenticity.

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For an older child, more likely to put their soft toy on their bed or on a shelf, an animal bigger and more realistic could serve him better.


When we choose a plush panda for an adult🧑, the spectrum of possibilities widens considerably. You can help yourself by asking yourself, "What are we going to use the stuffed panda for? of a collector ? Is this plush going to be part of an art project?

The most important thing to consider when buying a stuffed animal for an adult is the finality. We will come back to this later ⌚️.

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Why buy a stuffed panda? There is no easy answer. Despite their simplicity, there are many reasons for explaining what they are for.

Parents buy stuffed animals 🧸 for their children to play with. Companies and associationsbuy them wholesale for offer them during corporate events and parties. School sports teams buy a stuffed toy that matches their mascot to sell it during matches, cheer up and promote team spirit.


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Plush pandas serve a multitude of objectives. By limiting your needs, you will take a step closer to choice good panda plush.


Take into account both the occasion and the person. If it's for a birthday 🎂, try to find a plush panda that he will particularly like. Pandas also have all kinds of crazy colors ! You might not know someone's favorite animal, but you know they are obsessed with pink. Buy him a pink panda ! Does Hollywood have an animated film about a popular panda? Yes, Kung Fun Panda! Buy him one of our pretty Kung Fu Panda soft toys.

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You want to give a gift 🎁 at someone special so that he thinks of you every time he sees it and holds it? If it's for Valentine's day 🎀 or a birthday 🍰, don't be afraid to come out on top. Polar bears and black bears holding red hearts with "I LOVE YOU", which appear on the front, will be the perfect gift!

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Regardless the person for whom it is intended and whatever the occasion, make sure it stays personal. Find an animal that looks like them in a way special or unique, and it will be a gift that they will not forget.


Has anyone ever sent you flowers🌷 as an apology? Have you ever been the one to send flowers? You might as well send a similar message with a stuffed panda. More and more stores offer a personalization to adapt the bear to your needs. It's hard to stay mad at someone who buys you an adorable baby panda plush wearing a bamboo stalk 🎋 on which we can read "I am sorry".

If you prefer to do it big you can always try giant stuffed animals as a gift of reconciliation.

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People send chocolate 🍫, Balloons🎈 and cards 💌 to hospitalized friends and family. Why not also plush pandas ? Nothing will brighten up the room better thana teddy bear plush wearing a t-shirt that says: "Good recovery" !

If they're bedridden, pick something average height, big enough for their wrap arms and small enough for to stand in bed with them. Extended stays are a source of loneliness, and a cuddly companion could make things a little easier.

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Have you ever lost a pet 🐶 ? If so, you know the kind of grief what this involves and how difficult it can be to say goodbye and let him go.

To have a memory to commemorate an animal can mean a lot to them. When you search the good solution in this situation, research a plush toy closely resembling their pet and choose the one that most resembles him.

Choosing the right stuffed animal 🐼 🦊 in unfortunate situations is more about intention. It's the thought that counts.


Although the most important factorsto decide whether to know who and to whatit serves, there are various things to take into account.

All plush pandas are not created the same. Some manufacturers focus on economy and tend to be cheaper💶, while others focus on quality and cost a few euros more. As the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for".

If you see two soft toys similar in appearance and size, but are made by another manufacturer and one of they cost more, there is a good chance that you will buy one of better quality.

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What constitutes the quality ? The integrity of the seams: the seams stuffed animals🧸 cheap are more likely to break than those of an object sewn by hand.

The outer material toy and his touch are another indicator quality. Overall, most fluff uses synthetic materials such as polyester to represent the "fur". Those of better quality will be softer 🤩 and more durable, firmly attached to the toy. Plush from inferior quality are coarser and easily separate from the toy, as if the animal is losing its hair.

A mix cotton-polyester is the most common stuffing for plush toys. A plush toy filled with poor quality material will give a feeling of unnecessary stiffness or firmness. Most stuffed animals must have the feeling a pillow when you squeeze them.

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Stuffed animals start with hanging, the size of a key ring, and then move on to one size larger than life. The best approach to determining the size is to remember who and what is it - and use common sense.

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Generally, if the toy is twice as big that the child you buy it for, it won't be easy to transport it 🚗 and play with it. On the other hand, it's easy to lose or forget something tiny. Most of the time you can't go wrong with a medium sized toy. It will be big enough to stand out, but small enough to carry.


InPanda universewe know it is important to take care ofhis favorite stuffed animal, they will delight and offer good humor to children and adults. They will become for some much more than a companion and will transform inTeddyfor the little ones.

Don't hesitate to throw in browsing our selections ofplush and soft toy pandaavailable on the official storelittle pandas !

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