Is Firefox a red panda or a fire fox ? Does this question make you insomniac? But which animal is represented by the Firefox logo ?

In Panda universe, we don't just worship the big goofy bear dressed in black and white, no no ... we love all species of course and above all the red panda ! And we've been asked many times what the Firefox logo stands for, so instead of answering you one by one, we decided to write this article.

Conclusion of our investigations? Well, the Firefox logo can represent both animals ! But hey, at the very beginning of the creation of the logo, the idea in mind was the red panda!

In this article, you will learn the following things:

  • Why is the Firefox logo a red panda?
  • Why would the Firefox logo be a fox?
  • Navigator war


1) Firefox the red panda

Firefox is the English translation of its Chinese nickname hǔo hú 火狐, fire fox, in reference to its color. Since its inception, the meaning of Firefox has always been "Red panda". The red panda was also Mozilla Firefox mascot from the beginning. In addition, Mozilla distributed red panda stuffed animals and adopted small pandas in several zoos.

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2) Firefox the fox

The designer was inspired by the literal translation of Firefox and drew a burning fox. The reference to the fox is easier for marketing teams who play on the cunning attached to the fox. The red panda, native to the Himalayas and the mountains of Asia, does not speak to them at all.

For example, the Firefox logo always features a fox icon surrounding a globe. And Foxy, the living mascot of Firefox, turns into a fox, without a doubt.

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A Web browser is an interface between a human being and the internet: it allows you to browse the web.

The web browser connects to websites, downloads the elements of the web page (texts, images, sounds, videos, etc.) and displays them on the screen. Through e-mail, the browser also allows the user to view, manage, send and receive e-mail. As part of the software SaaSit is now even possible to run software through the browser.

There are many web browsers, there is a non-exhaustive list: Web browser Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera, etc. These are browsers for Windows, for Linux, for macOS, iOS, or for Android, on various digital media (computers, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, etc.).

Special feature of web browsers: they are free software! Just go to the browser's site and then download, install and use it for free.


This fast browser was first known as Phoenix, then Firefox, the firebird. It's today one of the best web browsers! There are of course several web browsers today that allow us to access everything on the Internet. Like the free browser Google chrome developed by Google in 2008, or the Edge browser, Microsoft's new web browser, created in 2015, intended to replace Internet Explorer. All these browsers are free and can be installed quickly and easily on your computer.

The Firefox browser is one of the Google Chrome alternative browsers and the fastest. The most used browser remains Google's Chrome browser. But sadly, Google's entire business model is based on monitoring your online activity. Google does not respect web standards using the private data of Internet users. It's your private data that helps Google dominate the online advertising market. You should check your security settings. Priority for Firefox is above all the right to privacy, with tools such as private browsing, protection against tracking. Thanks to tools that go far beyond what Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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Popular browsers dominate the internet browser market, but recently Firefox and Edge have been in the news. In fact, Edge stole Firefox's small second place on our laptops and desktops. Not by much, but it's still an important event. With a market share of 7.59% in march 2020, Microsoft's new browser is working well, although it has only been available in its new form for a few months.

Firefox's lag isn't huge, the browser is just behind Edge. It is even far superior to Edge: it represents 7.19% of the market share. Mozilla's browser continues to be used and installed by users who don't trust Chrome - the most popular browser with 68.5% market share.

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Thus, we have seen that the Firefox logo could be a red panda and a fox. So whatever your answer, you're sort of right, even though we take the side of the red panda 😉

Maybe Firefox is your favorite browser? If youadopt a red panda ? I want to say a stuffed animal, not a real panda. Because a red panda as a pet is not at all possible ... All this to say that on the Univers de Panda store, we have a bunch of red pandas stuffed animals, each just as adorable as the next! Come take a look! 😉

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