If you know Japanese culture 🎌 you have undoubtedly heard of the term “kawaii” 😊. He reminds us of the pastel colors, Hello Kitty, the scrubbing dresses, cartoons and of course Japan!

The word kawaii is derived from a phrase that refers to reddening 😚, but, over time, the meaning of the word has changed and is today translated as "cute". But kawaii is actually much more than cute: it is an important part of Japanese culture and it is found in cartoons, fashion, art, music, lifestyle And much more!

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The Kawaï culture began to appear in the 1970s, during the heian period (794-1185). If you look japanese art from this time, you will often see engravings with inanimate objects or animals with human characteristics.

By adding a "visage" to an object, it is made more alive and people feel more affection towards him. The same goes for giving animals a human body or face, which is seen many of these days with the stuffed 🧸, toys or drawings, such as our collection of Panda Universe articles!

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The real boom kawaii, as we know it today, began to develop in the early 1970s, after World War II. It partially started with a writing movement ✒️ where teenagers started using pencils ✏️ and decorate their writing with symbols like hearts, tips and better known as marui-ji (round writing).

This practice has sparked many controversy and was even banned⛔️ in many schools at the time 🏫. This style of writing contributed to the current popularity of kaomoji and emoji.

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The other main influence was... Can you guess? Bonjour Kitty.. Born in 1974, the character most famous of Sanrio promoted kawaii culture not only in Japan, but worldwide 🌏 for many decades and has become THE symbol of Japanese kawaii culture. Appearing on the bags 👜, the t-shirts 👕 and even on household items: toasters, spoons 🥄, toilet seats! It was all supposed to be Hello Kitty!

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What's interesting with the kawaii, is that it can be so simple, most cute characters, see all, are often designed with big eyes and a disproportionate head, a small nose and barely a facial expression. Some examples of these characters are Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma the bear 🐻. Hello Kitty doesn’t even have a mouth, but it doesn’t stop her from bringing joy to people all over the world! Take a look at our pandaskawaii the lowest!🐼

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But why on the day?

If you think about it, other countries have characters, mascots and other things that could be considered "kawaii", like sports mascots, cartoons like “The Super Nanas” or "Bear for one and one for you bear" the 3 small bears🐻 🐼, of which a panda kawaii, but it is obvious that the meaning of kawaii is much greater in Japan 🎌 !

Bear for one and one for you bear

In many Western countries, the cuteness is often associated with childishness and not in a good way. Although this has changed since the Hello Kitty for some people, especially men, it is always considered as taboo to love cute things in the West.

In Japan, people are much more accepted don't judge you. It is therefore (quite) normal that a 50-year-old man, for example, likes anime or idols that sing and perform in a childish way (in the eyes of Westerners).

Japan is a country with many contradictions, one of which is Strict work culture 💼 and formal in relation to the pink and frilly kawaii culture 🎀.

The Kawaii is a way for people to get rid of extreme pressure and express themselves in fashion, art and lifestyle. Some people like to enjoy yourself by being cute!

Considering that the Japanese wear uniforms 🥼 throughout their lives at work and school, it makes sense that they want to wear something completely different outside of work.

At the same time, kawaii is also present in professional life. Did you know that all the prefectures of Japan and even the companies have their own mascots ?


There are now so many different kinds of kawaii in addition to hello Kitty's traditional pastel aesthetic. You can find it several animals or creatures like the panda kawaii 🐼, cubs 🐻, cats 🐱, unicorns 🦄. Even dark and gothic colours can be considered kawaii!

Think about our fluffy pandas kawaii with their big eyes all cute 👀!

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