Kawaii's drawings are very cute drawings, which always have common features.

In this article, I will show you a good list of colored kawaii drawings, all made in pencil, so that you can download and print them to color them as you wish.

You'll probably like our drawing list!

teddy panda kawaii big cute eyes


The kawaii drawings have become very famous for some time already. It's a drawing style that comes from Japan.

The word kawaii can mean cute. That is why, in Japan, it is not only a way to draw, but rather a way of life. So you can find kawaii clothes, or kawaii toys.

strawberry kawaii


In the West, the word kawaii became popular through the introduction of anime and mangas into our culture.

In the kawaii design, there are very famous characters. One of the best known at all levels is perhaps Bonjour Kitty.

pac man kawaii

On this image you can see above, one clearly sees a scene of the famous video game. What happens is that it's made in the kawaii style. And what gives that style? Basically, PacMan’s big eyes, with great brightness too, which also happens in the ghost’s eyes.


Kawii drawing characters have their own characteristics. In general, it can be said that these are simple characters, with huge eyes that give this image of tenderness. In general, the appearance of a kawaii character must be innocent.

pingouin kawaii

In the drawing above, you can clearly see these characteristics. It is a penguin where the body is as simple as a perfect oval, with small simple elements that complete it: wings, legs, chest, mouth. And especially the big eyes with the huge glitter.

owl kawaii

The same applies to this owl drawing. Don't forget that these drawings must be colored. Once they're painted, especially the black part of the eyes, the tenderness effect that these characters convey will find themselves getting increased.


Now I put a whale in the kawaii style, too. If you want to know how to make kawaii drawings, here's a good example.

kawaii whale

We have to start by making a perfect circle, which will become like the head of the whale. From there, you line the whale, proportionally much smaller than the head. On the sides of the circle you place the fins and finally you put inside the circle the big eyes with the corresponding brightness and a mouth, to have your kawaii drawing ready.

The advantage of this type of drawing is that you can give a kawaii style to anything.

Here's an example of pizza.

pizza kawaii

To make this drawing, just make a triangle, rounding the base. Then you make a parallel from the base, to form the edge of the pizza. You make big eyes and classic mouth. Finally, you put on the elements that make up pizza, which will be for your taste. In my drawing, there are chorizos and pickles. We're ready, we already have our kawaii drawing.


Kawaii's drawings may be the best way to initiate children to the drawing. As the main feature is to simplify drawings, drawing in this style is the easiest for small ones.

lion kawaii

Do drawings of kawaii animals can be a very fun activity, and you can get very pretty and cute drawings, like the little lion we have on top.

kawaii pig

This drawing is one of the most sympathetic and simplest you can find in this article. It's very funny because there's not many elements, but it's clearly a pig that's lying on the floor. Few elements are needed to clearly show that it is a pig, such as the nose and shape of the head.

kawaii frog

And for simplified drawings, there's nothing like that frog head. From both big eyes, all we have is a single trait that forms the frog’s head, and a smiling mouth. He doesn't have the drawing anymore, but he doesn't need any more. What he represents is very clear.

We end with this image this list of drawings of animals kawaii, in this case with a little more development.

koala kawaii


What's good about drawing is that we can give life to anything. All the elements of daily life, inanimate objects, can come to life through our drawings.

cupcake kawaii

It's the case of this little cake that we see in the drawing. It's a rich cupcake with a strawberry on top, which has big eyes and mouth.

It is best to paint it here, because that is where the drawing will be appreciated.

We all had coffee or milk coffee in the morning, and we had a good time. And what if the cup was as beautiful as that of that drawing?

cup kawaii

Here we have a cup drawn in the kawaii style, with big and beautiful eyes, smiling.

pop corn kawaii

The popcorn, which is found in its packaging, is also transformed into kawaii drawings. To make these drawings, just one pencil, one gum and one notebook.

From there, only your imagination can limit you in what you can draw. Dare to make your own kawaii drawings. To begin with, you can color those you have on this page, then you are encouraged to draw them, until you are encouraged to make your own drawings.

Have you ever thought the plants are alive? Maybe it is, because that's what they always say. You have to water them so they don't die, talk to them so they grow. But what you didn't imagine is that they can watch you or even talk to you.

plant kawaii cactus

Thanks to Kawaii's drawings, it's possible. In the drawing above, you have a cactus in a very pretty little pot, with its huge eyes, and a bow on your head, which tells us it’s a small cactus. It's an easy drawing to make and you have to encourage yourself to do it.

Be careful that the rain comes, and nothing less than in a kawaii cloud. Here you can see how a very easy and simple element of nature can be transformed into a kawaii drawing.

kawaii clouds

Kawaii drawings can also be elements used for love. You can make your own cards to give them to the person you love with drawings of this style.

Here is an example. It is a winged heart, which has very large eyes and a smiling mouth. From this drawing you can make an unlimited number of images of love drawings in the kawaii style.

drawing kawaii hearts


chat kawaii drawing

We continue with some examples of kawaii animals. On this image we see a very lazy cat, lying on the floor and looking carefully. We see that the cat is made with very simple and simple features, so it is style.

drawing panda kawaii

Here you have a panda, only in the head. As it is not coloured, it is not clear what type of bear it is. If you paint the ears, nose and most of the eyes in black, you see that it is a panda.


Ghosts are often elements that are used to scare, but that can change when we make kawaii ghosts. In the drawing above, you have a ghost with tongue out, who laughs and winks. So we created a nice ghost.

ghost wink kawaii

We now see that it is a ghost. The sex change is clear because it has an arc on the head, and in the eyes that smile, the eyelashes come out. The mouth is small and you can see the tongue.

drawing ghost girls kawaii


Emoticons are already part of our lives. In whatsapp or any other application, these graphs have been transformed into a way to convey different emotions. Laughter, anger, sadness and many other things we can say through these drawings.

emoji kawaii

Now, if we draw them, we can make kawaii emoticons. In the one above, we have the typical yellow faces, in this case with the tongue out and a wink.

This other drawing is called the "whatsapp poop". You also introduced the typical elements of kawaii drawings, to make the whole thing funnier.

caca kawaii

I hope you enjoyed all these kawaii drawings. Continue to check out our website in the section "HOW TO DRAW A PANDA"You'll find items that will amuse you!


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