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For those who like everything Kawai cultureThe decoration of the room is very important! Unique and lovely items are essential to this room. There is, of course, a thematic approach. Maybe it's a room GoodtamaOne room Lilac KumarA beautiful kupensang room, or to put it simply Panda room -Is that right? Color theme 🎨 It's also a good direction, for example, to select all pink or blue objects. Some people prefer to have a huge collection of all things, regardless of theme or color!

Of course, the first task is to make the room as lovely and comfortable as possible. But how to start this potentially arduous task? don't worry! We have made a very practical list of decorative items, which will make your room as much as possible! ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。:*☆

Kawai Plush Panda World

1) Plush

Plush toys 🧸 It's something Kawaii enthusiasts have to have, and some have decided to focus on A collection of plush toys only you! The diversity, especially the change in size, is actually unlimited, which means you can decorate almost anywhere in your room with at least one hair ball! For example, children, you can put them on the table or decorate your bedstead. 🛌The average is perfect for decorating your chair 🪑 What about the biggest one? They can be ideal bed mates!

Kawaii room

If you want to start or even finish your collection, you can still see what we have chosen for you Panda World See if you are seduced by beautiful children Chuanjing Panda Oh, my God! o(^▽^)o

2) Organizers

Kawaii panda universe Office

As a Kawaii fan, we know you need an organizer on your desk so that your life is as orderly as possible!

Keep your Kawaii space and connect with The cutest Organizer !

3) Memory

Saving money 💶 It can be a long and tedious process. Besides, banks and most ways to save money are not... It's cute, isn't it?

Fortunately, Japan 🎌 Here as usual! Look at this. These Kawai piggy banks-Yes. It's not just a beautiful ornament, you can save money to buy something in it!

Kawai giant panda universe piggy bank

4) Glass or cup

glass Not only your delicious drinks, you can use them as penholder, flowers, and even super soft Mini Cavai! Not only very useful, but also very cute 😚 It is convenient and practical.

Kawaii glass panda universe

5) Statues

Hello Kitty Panda World

These statues are lovely, especially our Panda! You'll find almost all the games, animations or comic series you can think of that will make you happy Exquisite collection.

Your panda universe store

We've just seen a selection of five decorative items that you absolutely need to decorate your room Kawaii theme.

So, how do you find our list? Are you ready to (re)decorate your room to be more kawaii? (* ̄) ̄*) Let us know in the comments below if you want to add another must-read article for all kawaii lovers 😍 !

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