Once found in sixteen regions of eastern and southern China as well as neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Burma, the panda was the pride of these Asian nations. To this day, this bear with rare and sensitive skin only survives at the end of the Tibetan plateau, in Mount Qinling.

But to make the situation even more alarming, experts now only list 1,600 pandas around the world. This is a very worrying figure, which categorizes the panda among the Endangered Species. A big why is worth asking.

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The ancestor of the giant panda that is none other than the Alurarctos also braved climate change, but ended up giving his last breath. At present, it is the fruit of climate escalation that threatens the lives of its descendants.

Quaternary glaciation and sudden temperature warming only worsen their living conditions. Some animals like the sand-toothed tigers lived side by side with the Giant panda and also disappeared in the face of a climate that was unbearable for them.

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Even if the panda survived him, it continues to decline in number in the face of natural disasters and heatwave days. Its skin can not withstand strong heat waves. This is why, during the summer period, pandas find refuge in the Himalayan mountains, a place that can keep its freshness, before returning to China.


As if global warming was not enough, the human also enters the stage to fester the situation. In China and other Asian countries, people used to organize pandas hunts.

While the number of pandas has declined over time, hunting has increased following the discovery of a new breed named “Baoxing,” prompting foreign hunters to come to China.

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The profit to be gained made hunters salivate to the point of breaking legislation and attacking the lives of these animals that are, today, endangered.

The Chinese government has therefore reacted promptly, condemning to death all those who dare to hunt pandas, a measure certainly drastic, but which has aroused the discouragement of these hunters bribed by the bait of gain.

Now, the panda predominates in its area although the giant flies that crave its blood also endanger its health. Also prevents that some insects flee it because of its two-tone skin.


A strong population surge in China and urbanization are not without consequences on the lives of pandas. Deforestation continues to spread and damage the natural habitat of these mammals, resulting in a reduction in their living areas.

Such a situation mixes with the desire of engineers and architects to want to build bridges, highways, reservoirs and dams, ambitions that threaten the lives of pandas and lead to the segregation of his family.

In all, the range of these mammals has been reduced by 50,000 km2. At the present time, only 10,000 km2 of wooded area remains where these animals can live. According to one observation, the remaining 1600 are distributed in several provinces of China, namely Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu while others find refuge in remote mountains such as Min Shan, Qinling or Liang Shan.

In addition, the action of man forces these mammals to live separately; but the panda lives poorly immigration. The duty to immigrate leads to a very high inbreeding rate that results from a loss of genetic diversity useful for the survival of the animal, which only deteriorates the health of this mammal, thus contributing to its extinction.

Scientists noted the fact that the panda tends to flee in case of danger, and the desire to erect infrastructure close to their habitat does not help in any way.


According to studies conducted by naturalists, pandas are in heat only once a year and therefore births are becoming increasingly rare. Contrary to popular belief, the Cubs of the pandas weigh only 100 grams and have a very weak immune system.

What's more, they are very sensitive to noise, which leads to a high mortality of these cubs. That is why the Chinese government has turned to artificial breeding.

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But even with this alternative, experts continue to count a mortality rate of 3.7%. Still, nature itself is cruel to these little beings by threatening their immune systems.

Human action puts oil on the fire, because because of the latter, encounters between males and females are becoming increasingly rare. Thus, opportunities to reproduce are reduced while the age of these mammals continues to increase. Many grow old without reproducing themselves. This is one more fact that accelerates the process of extinction of the animal.

The diet

Like other animals that can feed on herbs or mollusks, pandas feed only on bamboo. But still, urbanization is holding back the flowering of bamboo, which only aggravates the situation, as the food shortage for pandas remains.

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Thus, they will find it difficult to store them especially in winter. In addition, their digestion hinders their mobility. The fact is that this is a slow digestion. Their stomachs are also not adapted to the digestion of other plants besides bamboo, but deforestation leads to the reduction of these tree leaves.

Thus, the panda has to move far to find food reserves due to the destruction of its habitat. So many reasons lead to the disappearance of these animals, which for a time, made the Pride of China.


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