Recently, a study was published on the behavior of Panda females during reproduction, which is characterized by the isolation of mothers, who travel great distances at this stage of their life cycle. But why this behavior?

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The female pandas, when they are ready to mate, move away from their place of birth and begin the search to select the best male to carry out the reproductive process.

The distance that females can travel is truly amazing, compared to that of males of other species, when they are ready to mate. Once the offspring are born, and the lactation period has begun, the female's journey begins again, but this time in the opposite direction, as she returns to her place of origin where she will raise her offspring.

It is true that females are in great danger when they leave their territory, because they are exposed to predators and other species that can harm them.

An example of this behavior is found in the case of a female panda who, after walking hundreds of kilometers away from the area of ​​the reserve where she was found, returned shortly after in very poor condition and severely injured, and who died days after arriving, according to Thomas Connor of Michigan State University, a wildlife specialist who is currently developing a panda study.

Female pandas risk their lives to mate, but it's unclear why this behavior differs from that of other females.

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Scientists will continue to closely study the biodiversity of females, using microchips inserted into their skin, to monitor them and collect more data to answer the question: why do panda females isolate themselves during their dying period. mating?

Panda bear is considered the national treasure of China. However, the species, which is found in the mountain systems of southwestern China, is now threatened, like at least 200 other species living in the wild.

Despite China's conservation programs, the reality is that its habitat is increasingly reduced by human action, making short-term survival in the wild more difficult.


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