Who wouldn't like to have a panda as a pet I'd move mountains to get one, but it won't change anything. Because, whatever we do, we won't have it as a pet.

It's sad!

Technically speaking, all pandas in this world are owned by the Chinese government, and those you see in zoos outside China are traded as part of a panda exchange agreement.

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It will cost a fortune to a zoo to get a pair of pandas, not to mention the money they would need to take care of it.

So if things go well and one day you had to keep a panda as a pet, what are you going to call it?

You haven't thought about it yet?

As pandas are Chinese properties, let's start with 20 names in Chinese. 10 for males and 10 for females!

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1. Basi Basi is the panda that lived for 37 years, which is equivalent to 100 years of human life. She was the lucky luck holder of the Beijing Olympics and was known for her calmness. In fact, it was by studying his behavior that the scientific community learned a lot about pandas.

2. Mei Lan - Mei Lan in Chinese means a beautiful orchid. Mei Lan was born in America, and she was so cute and poteled that there could not have been a more suitable name for her. If you were to have a female panda, you should seriously think about giving her that name.

3. Hua mei - She was the first panda to be raised in a zoo in the United States. Can you believe that millions of people watched her grow up with panda cameras? It was a great celebrity at the time.

4. Su Lin - He was a lovely little panda born in the United States. She was known to the nanny to be the most obedient panda.

5. Zhen Zhen - Zhen is the sister of Su Lin, who was raised in a zoo in the United States.

6. Zi Chi - translated into black and silk in English. It is the name that gained the most votes in an Instagram vote held by a panda conservatory in Beijing.

7. Ling-Ling - It's the first panda given to the United States by China.

8. Bao Bao - The name means a valuable gift in Chinese. Do you think there could be a better name for your fat, downy panda?

9. Pochoo - That name has no special meaning. It's a word that's used when you cuddle little kids. Since there can be nothing cuter than pandas, Poocho will be a very beautiful name. Don't you think?

10. Mei Xang - It's a giant 100-pound panda that lives in the Beijing Panda Conservatory. If your panda is really big and chubby, you can call it Mei Xang.

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1. Gu GU - It's a giant panda born in Wolong National Nature Reserve and sent to Beijing Zoo.

2. Pan Pan - Pan Pan was the oldest male panda to be in captivity until his death in 2016. If your panda is naughty, there can be no better name than Pan Pan.

3. Zi Bo - translates as "white jasmine" into English.

4. Ming Ming - Ming Ming in Chinese means smart. May your panda be as smart as her name.

5. Bei Bei - Bei Bei is a young panda who lives in the Washington, D.C. National Zoo, United States. It is part of panda diplomacy in U.S.-China relations.

6. Gao Gao - Gao Gao is a giant male panda in the United States. If your panda is mean, you can call it Gao Gao.

7. Tuan Tuan - He was the first panda to be sent to Taiwan.

8. Jia Panpan - He is one of the panda twins born at the Toronto Zoo in 2015. He is one of two giant pandas to have survived the neonatal period in North America.

9th Mei Lan - He was born in an Atlanta zoo in 2006. Zookeepers thought Mei Lan was a female until researchers at the Chengdu research base discovered that Mei Lan was a male. The poor man has been a confused panda since birth, lol.

10th Tai Shan - It was the first panda to be born in the Washington DC National Zoo to survive the first hours after its birth. Tai Shan is a celebrity at the Washington DC National Zoo.

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