A long time ago, in the high mountains, lived pandas, cute creatures... Pandas very different from the pandas we know today, pandas with only white fur. These bears lived in the mountains of Sichuan province, in the middle thick bamboo forests 🎋.


One day a baby panda ventured out of the thick bamboo forest. The baby panda got lost and moved far too far away from his family. The sound of his tears drew a fearsome predator, the terrifying snow leopard 🐆. The little panda, paralyzed by fear, did not know what to do with this monster.

But as the beast was about to pounce to devour him, a young shepherdess intervened to save his life. Little panda has run away and the shepherdess gave her life to save him.

Snow leopard

When the little panda finally reunited with his family, he told his story. The fate of the shepherdess caused great sadness in all the panda tribe. All the panda children came to the site to pay their last respects to the girl.

But in the meantime, the villagers found the body and cremated it. And at the edge of the forest, all the pandas watched and mourned the little girl's death.

panda crying

Once the fire was extinguished, the villagers left, the pandas soaked their paws in the ashes as a sign of mourning. The pandas couldn't help but cry 😭. They wiped away their tears, covered their ears so as not to hear the tears of others and consoled each other by kissing each other 😍.

Since that day, giant pandas have lost their white furs and are wearing black and white fur. This is how the giant white panda became black and white.

Sad panda


The black and white color of the panda thus gives it, according to Chinese legend, a symbol of sensitivity. But scientific research showed that the panda's coat serves as both a camouflage and a communication tool. Do you also want to communicate like a panda and blend in with the masses in summer and winter? We've got the panda sweater you need. 🎁.

Winter panda sweater

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