Why panda diplomacy is she Good ? What is pandas diplomacy ? Why can panda diplomacy be negative ?

At Panda universe, we are fans of pandas, but also history. So it's only natural that we want to talk to you about pandas diplomacy.

You will see in this article :

  • What is pandas diplomacy ?
  • The evolution of panda diplomacy through history
  • Panda diplomacy today with countries allied to the Chinese government

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  • Definition of panda diplomacy :

This beautiful formula refers above all to a reality of Chinese foreign policy. Panda diplomacy is an ancestral Chinese practice which is to give a giant panda as a gift 🎁 to a foreign country. For several decades, China has been using pandas to symbolizing its ties with allied countries. Let's take a closer look at how panda diplomacy works.

  • Why the panda ?

In China, this endangered species is a national treasure. The panda is a carnivorous bear having become a vegetarian, he has the strength of a bear but attacks only when he feels in danger. It is placid and peaceful by nature. Thus, the panda is a strong symbol of peace and serenity. It is further the physical incarnation yin and yang, so it has a strong symbolic value in China.  When Chinese President Xi Jinping decides to lend a panda, it is a mark of trust and friendship towards the country that welcomes it.

For the Chinese, it is also a way to share some of their culture and traditions. The panda shows the world a friendly face of China and encourages diplomatic ties and trade partnerships. 🤝

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The political situation China has evolved over the centuries to become what it is today. And the way she leads pandas diplomacy has also changed.

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This practice is not new. Since the 7th century and the Tang Dynasty, China uses giant pandas as a gift to start or maintain international relations. Empress Wu Zetian was one of the first to grant such a gift to The Empire of Japan back then.

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  • Chiang Kai-shek, panda diplomacy

Panda diplomacy began in 1941, when the Prime Minister's wife Chiang Kai-shek offered two pandas in the US as a thank you for their support in the war against Japan during World War II. Total, Chiang Kai-shek offered 14 black and white Ursids to Western American heads of State.

  • Mao Zedong the Great Helmsman and panda diplomacy

Then the Communist Party came to power. The country closed and the panda was booked to the closest allies the people's Republic of China, the Soviet Union and North Korea. So it's under Mao Zedong that giant pandas have become full-fledged diplomats.

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Although Mao revived pandas diplomacy in 1949 (Chinese Communist Party proclamation), China changed its system. His successor, Deng Xiaoping, lent these animals in exchange for financial compensation. The loan period for herbivorous Ursids is usually from 10 to 15 years.

These loans symbolize the good understanding between the two nations, and are always important events. Between 1958 and 1982, the Chinese government granted 24 pandas to 10 different countries (Russia, North Korea, USA, Japan, Mongolia, France, England, Mexico, Spain, Germany).

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The panda is not only an adorable black and white plush toy, it is also a real asset for Chinese power.

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  • Panda diplomacy

On another plane, panda also contributes to the expansion of Chinese Soft Power. That is, the power of convincing without the use of force. This big cat gives a reassuring picture of China and sticks to the peaceful doctrine put forward by the previous Chinese President. Even the names of pandas are not unimportant. For example, the two pandas sent to Japan are called Ping Ping and An An, which means " peace".

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  • Pandas diplomacy and China's environmental image

For years, China has sought to improve its environmental image. Panda diplomacy supports Chinese interests and has a positive impact on protection of pandas.

China's efforts to conserve this species are real and encouraged by the panda's popularity abroad. The money raised through the lPanda ocation is assigned to conservation.

With the creation of new nature reserves 🌱, reforestation programs and the fight against poaching, China's efforts are effective. In 2016, IUCN changed the panda's status from" endangered "to"vulnerable". But these efforts have limitations, as the pandas ' natural habitat remains under threat. 😔

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Study shows links between the arrival of pandas 🐼 and the signature of great commercial contracts. For example, between China and Canada, France, Scotland and Australia, as well as the free trade with Asian countries. Let's take a closer look at this.

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  • Pandas diplomacy in Japan

According to the archive, Tang Wu Zetian, Empress Of The Tang Dynasty, offered two pandas to the Japanese emperor as a sign of friendship. This is the first reported case of giant panda used as a diplomatic gift.

Almost thirteen centuries later and several sino-Japanese wars ⚔️ , Japan welcomes pandas again. In September 1972, the Japanese Prime Minister traveled to China to sign a peace agreement. diplomatic relations. After the ceremony, the Chinese Prime Minister handed two pandas in Japan for the Chinese people. In the first seven years, some 32 million visitors came to see the two pandas.🤳

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The names of the chosen pandas by China, whether to start, resume, improve or celebrate relations, are not accidental. The ideograms used can mean, for example, "peace", "beginning", " fulfillment"-Yes. Not surprisingly, a wrong choice of name can lead to a diplomatic crisis. Like the former governor of Tokyo in 2012, he came up with ideographs Senkaku Islands For baby panda at uno zoo. The Senkaku Islands are indeed a sensitive topic. Between China and Japan.

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  • Panda Diplomacy In Russia

In 1957, China led by Mao Zedong provided Russia with Khrushchev panda. For the citizens of Moscow Mayor of Beijing It was the earliest diplomatic gift of the time. On August 18, 1959, a second male Ann joined him. It was not until 2001 that the giant panda reappeared in Moscow. Cultural Festival To the capital of China.

In April 2019, Moscow Zoo Received some pandas from China. In early June, Vladimir Putin He and Xi Jinping jointly unveiled the Panda House of Moscow Zoo. Putin called the move a mistake Show respect Russia in particular.

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  • Panda Diplomacy stateside

In 1972, Richard Nixon He is the first US president to pay an official visit to China. help Normative relationship Between the two countries, Mao Zedong presented two giant pandas to Washington. This is a reversal of the alliance, China's secession from the Soviet Union Close to the United States 🇺🇸。

In 2010, China demanded the return of giant pandas from Washington Zoo Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama.

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  • Panda Diplomacy In France

In 1973, a year after the panda was donated to the United States. Two pandas come to France, located in Vincent Zoo Paris.

When the zoo wants to Borrow PandaThe process is complex. team Boval Zoo (France) In 2012, he spent six years raising a pair of pandas in the zoo.

Panda is a symbol of peace and trust Between the two countries. The development of Sino French relations has changed so much. In 2012, France finally had a pair of pandas. But only after sealing 20 billion euro trade agreement And China on uranium supply.

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  • Panda Diplomacy In Taiwan

Powerful symbol of national treasure Assign it to Taiwan-Yes. Taiwan is regarded by Beijing as a rebellious province and a country No recognition of authority The Communist Party of China is in power. The Chinese regime believes Softening Island He was given two pandas in 2006.

FALSE : Local Government He refused the gift 🙅♂For fear of tacit recognition of Taiwan as a part of the people's Republic of China, especially the ideographic meaning of the animal's name "Unification"However, this is close to "unity."... The arrival of power the kuomintang A thawed in 2008. Bears settled down in Taipei, but the theme is Maintain a high level of tension.

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  • Panda Diplomacy In Germany

they Two new species of Ursidae be located Zoologischer Garten-Yes. This is a way for China to develop its relations with Europe. China is benefiting from the differences between Europe and the United States and is moving closer to the old continent.

It exists The connection between panda loans Germany and G20 summit. China likes this symbolic diplomatic relationship. To achieve this, what is better than the image of panda! With its proximity to Germany, China hopes to develop Sino German Relations-Yes. Because, with brexit, Britain's role in Europe will weakenGermany is destined to be an actor More important is the European Union.

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Then you get it. The panda is a diplomatic asset for China. But then, why not use panda diplomacy as a birthday present? What if you show your friend your deep friendship with a panda-shaped teddy bear? Does the idea appeal to you? Check out our collection of panda stuffed animals!

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