Panda cannot be kept as pet, mainly for the simple reason that it is an endangered species. Ironically, the giant panda is also, by the way, the mascot of the WWF.

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Although classified as carnivorous, the diet The giant panda is made mostly (up to 99%) of bamboo, which is why it is commonly found in the western regions of China, which are or were known for their bamboo forests.

A typical panda eats between 12 and 38 kilos of bamboo every day, so unless you have your own bamboo forest, it can be extremely expensive to feed a panda.

Additionally, pandas can appear very friendly and adorable, but keep in mind that by taking a closer look at their claws, you might change your mind. The next time you visit a zoo, make sure you see them well.

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Have you seen the photo? Not very nice jaws, eh? The jaws and molars of pandas are very strong, which allows them to crush the bamboo in their mouth. Take a second and imagine, how effective would they be on bones and flesh? It's a scary thought, all that glitters isn't gold, and pandas, ultimately, might not be that friendly and lovable after all. Watch this video.

The panda literally pushes the man into the cage. If it weren't for the bars, the result could have been very different.

Additionally, pandas generally like to live in isolation. This is why you will never find a group or herd of pandas. They don't like the company of their own crowd, so would you like each other? If I were you, I would say no!

If you are very fond of pandas and your intention behind keeping one or two pandas as pets is for them to be protected and well cared for, then don't give up hope. There is another, much more convenient way to do this.

WWF, together with the Chinese government's National Giant Panda Conservation Program, has gone to great lengths to save the animal from extinction.

You can adopt a stuffed panda, buy souvenirs, and the proceeds will be used to build infrastructure to protect the pandas. Adopt a panda!


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