Pandas are bears 🐻 black and white fur, a strict diet and one of the rarest animals in the world. They are clumsy, cute and very funny! See for yourself!

Here are 10 best gifs selected by Panda Universe 🐼 that will brighten up your day and bring you a big smile. Sharing these gifs in your posts or on your social networks is the best way to express to the world the sweet side of pandas.

They will touch your family and friends, even the most insensitive will succumb to the charm of the legendary cub. Even if they are not in love with pandas, who would remain indifferent to the sight of sweet animals making cuteness 😃 ? If you save some of these beautiful gifts on your PC or phone, your daily life will be much better!

HERE'S OUR SÉSelection

panda gif universe

  • A cute panda says hello and waves.

panda looking around

  • The panda is looking around. His white coat blends into the décor

milk wood

  • The panda drinks milk, licks his lips and smiles.

    • A panda hug

    • Panda against a backdrop of epic stars and pink radiation

    • Severe education in the panda family. Mother kicks baby on back

    • Five pandas play in the playground. You can count them to fall asleep faster.

      • A funny panda sits on a tree branch and screams

      • A baby panda eats a small bamboo rod

        • Little panda learns to fly


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