The pandas 🐼 are immediately recognizable by their black and white fur and their penchant for bamboo 🎋. With a little creativity and the following instructions, you can make an origami panda that is almost as cute and cuddly as the real one!

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This traditional pattern is one of the easiest origami to fold, although it does require some familiarity with the technique.

You will need a square sheet of paper 📄, black on one side and white on the other, to make your origami panda. Remember that it is easier for a beginner to fold larger paper. The paper used in this example is a 15cm square.


In this article, you will discover in 10 steps, how we make an origami panda easily and fun for everyone!

Let's go!

  • To start making your panda, start with the black side of the paper, face up. Fold in half horizontally, then unfold. Fold in half vertically, then unfold. You should now have four squares of the same size on your paper. Turn the sheet over so that the white side is facing up. Fold the left and right sides so they meet at the center crease.

origami panda universe

  • Flip the sheet over. Fold the left and right sides so they meet at the center crease, folding only the front layer.

origami panda universe

  • Make a horizontal valley fold to point the top of the black diamond down.

origami panda universe

  • Fold the left and right corners of the sheet into a valley shape. Unfold each of these folds, then use them to make an asymmetric fold. Once this step is completed, you will only see the white parts of your paper.

origami panda universe

  • Fold the upper left and right sides of the paper you folded on in the previous step in half. This will create two black eyes for your panda. If the eyes are not symmetrical, unfold the paper and try to redo your fold.
  • Fold the left and right sides of the top of the paper so that it meets the center crease. Make symmetrical folds on each side.
  • Make a horizontal box pleat that crosses the middle of each diamond created by the pleats. This brings up the colored layer of the paper, creating black ears for the panda.

origami panda universe

  • Make a rabbit ear-shaped fold on the lower triangular part of the paper. Pinch a corner of the paper to make a new fold that looks a bit like a rabbit's ear.

origami panda universe

  • Fold the bottom left and right corners of the paper backwards to round out your panda's face.
  • Slightly open the pocket created by the fold of the rabbit to make the nose of your origami panda.

origami panda universe


Origami pandas, like many models of origami animals and birds, require practice to be able to bend accurately. Don't be discouraged if your first pandas look a little off balance. With patience and perseverance, you will eventually find a folding technique that works for you.


Now that you can easily make an origami panda, you can use it for various occasions: as a table decoration, to put napkins or even to decorate a Christmas tree. It's up to you to be creative! For the best results you can also use colored paper like Canson or stiffer cardboard.

Here you are, you've finished your origami! I hope you liked this little origami tutorial do not hesitate to share it with us in the comments and tell us if you want other techniques to make different animals.

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