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Isn't it adorable With itsPeluous fur ?

It's gone!

Panda stuffed with bamboo

Step 1:

Drawing PANDA Step by Easy Step 1
  • Well, this step has a lot of circles to allow you to draw the panda much more easily. Start by drawing a perfect circle for the head. Draw a very large circle for the top of the body, and a smaller circle for the lower body.
  • Then draw two small circles a little smaller for the head, for the muscles of the legs and arms. From the front, draw two pointed lines for the outline of the front leg and a line on the back leg that comes from the small circles with a circle in the shape of the shoe for the hind leg.

Step 2:

Drawing PANDA Step by Easy Step 2
  • As you can see, you will now draw the ears, the front and back legs and a part of the cheeks. Start by drawing the ears in the shape of a wolf.
  • Next, sketch a "plus" sign in the middle of the face so that you can draw your eyes in part in the next step. Turn around the face and draw the front and rear leg lines as shown above.

Step 3:

Drawing PANDA Step by Easy Step 3
  • Now, as you can see, the panda is taking shape and we are only in the third stage. Draw your eyes using the line you traced in step 2.
  • Draw then the nose, which is just a small snout. When you draw the puff contours, try to make it look like fur.

Step 4:

Drawing PANDA step by easy step 4
  • Draw the panda body at the beginning. When you draw the upper part of the body, try to give it a peluchous appearance by adding light pencil strokes that overlap.
  • If you need a guide to know where exactly the marks are going, scroll to the top and preview the image again.
  • Once you have done all that is required for this step, clear all the guidelines and pencil marks on your drawing paper and proceed to the next step.

Step 5:

Drawing PANDA step by easy step 5
  • This is the last step to complete the Panda. You see how cute it is? In this step, we will use the guidelines to help you draw your arms and legs. It's probably going to be a little difficult. Imagine if you didn't have the instructions? You're probably never going to draw it properly.

Step 6:

Drawing PANDA Step by Easy Step 6
  • And here you have, you have your own giant stuffed panda. Now you have to colour it in black to give it a definitive picture.


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