Today we will learn to draw a kawaii panda. The panda being one of the most tender animals, although it seems to be a lie, we will manage to give it an even more adorable look.

We will also accompany him with a piece of bamboo, his favorite dish. The drawing is simple, so that everyone can draw it easily, both children and adults who want to give a kawaii touch to their drawing.

kawaii panda plush toy

To give our panda a kawaii character, we will use the following ways :

  • We will draw a large circle that will be his head
  • We will use the spots around your eyes to make it look like you have even bigger eyes
  • We will draw a small bamboo branch to make it more playful
  • It's time to get started with our tutorial 😀


To make our drawing of a kawaii panda, we will use the step-by-step methodology. Do not forget that we will make simple drawings, on which we will build the image of our little kawaii animal.

drawing kawaii Step 1
  • To begin with, we will draw a circle, it will be the head of our kawaii panda.
kawaii drawing Step 2
  • We will continue to draw two small ears. Then we will make two circles for the eyes, inside, at the top we will draw another small circle like a glow. Around each eye we will make two more large circles, which we will fill later. Finally, we will draw a small smile and a little higher a rounded nose.


drawing kawaii Step 3
  • You are about to finish your drawing ! Let's go for the body, first we will make a small round belly in proportion to the head and around it we will place the legs and arms.


drawing kawaii Step 5
  • And now... Let's eat ! We will make an elongated rectangle, inside which we will put a few small lines. Try not to mark the corners too much, making them with rounded edges.


drawing kawaii step 6
  • And we have our kawaii panda ! It's time to color it. To paint it, we used the following colors : black, white, beige and finally 2 different tones of green, light green and dark green. Use your creativity and create different patterns with the colors you prefer. You can also print this drawing and color it as many times as you like 😃 .


We hope you have learned and enjoyed drawing your kawaii panda. Don't forget to share your experiences, tips and tricks to help the rest of the community with your feedback. See you soon for the next drawing ! 🙂

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plush panda

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