Looking to learn how to draw a PLUSH PANDA?

Using sketches and the different stages, your Panda Shopexplains how to make a pretty drawing!

Isn't he adorable with itsfluffy fur ?

Let's go !

plush panda

Step 1 :


plush panda drawing step 1
  • This tutorial is going to be much shorter with the steps. Start by drawing an oblong oval shape, then connect it to a round body shape. Draw a vertical like in the face.

2nd step :


plush panda drawing step 2
  • Here you are going to draw the head in a shape that looks a lot like a relaxed pillow. When you are done, you will need to shape the head into a jelly.

Step 3:

plush panda drawing step 3
  • Now draw the incredibly large round eyes and then color them, leaving white pupils. Next, draw a small slit for the nose, and then bring out the ears of the panda.

Step 4:


plush panda drawing step 4
  • All you have to do is bring out the short little arms, then part of the back like that.

Step 5:


plush panda drawing step 5
  • For the last drawing step, just pull the rest of the plush panda's body out, then tuck in the hind legs and the little round tail. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in the first step to clean up the design.

Step 6:


plush panda drawing step 6
  • Here is a finished drawing. Hope you had fun with this lesson, I will come back soon with more fun to draw. Good job guys!



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plush panda

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