Top ten gift ideas for panda lovers

Maybe you're looking for a gift for someone you love. You may even fully understand this person's taste and know that he generally likes pandas and animals.

It is possible that this person is a real fan of bamboo forest, or full of enthusiasm for bamboo forest Panda Protection !

Anyway, you've come to the right place, because today we have the best panda gift you can give to this special person. Of course, this list is not exhaustive, otherwise it would contain hundreds of gifts. 😆

You can find what you want. Otherwise, you can visit our collection and find rare pearls that suit the taste of the person giving the gift.

10) Panda cup

What's better than panda cup to start choosing the best gift for panda fans?

They are lovely, disturbing realism, and some of them represent a lovely panda.

If they look neither hot nor cold, these 400 ml cups are actually comfortable. But why turn a blind eye to their design, if that's why they are so good? You can combine usefulness with pleasure.

The realism and attention to detail of these interesting cups make it the perfect accessory every morning. They can also be a perfect tea partner because they can't talk or disturb you. Panda is also a good way to express your fans, it will bring a little protection to your kitchen. ☕

Panda cup

9) Panda tattoo

A real panda fan is really happy to see you give him these temporary tattoos! Its structure, its materials, its neat surface, all are to please the most skeptical people and change its body for the right cause!

With as many patterns as possible, you will have the embarrassment of choice, inspired by the taste of the person who gives the gift. This surprise is sure to help. Perfect gift for the ideal person!

Temporary panda tattoo

8) Panda slippers

If you think you don't need color to make your shoes look good, you're wrong. You can also choose basic black shoes with panda design, or even the plush on slippers.

It's like it's true. It makes people feel like this pair of shoes is the core of the family's clothing.

Pairing can be done with dark or light colors. As long as they are united, they can only shout.

Even if you like colorful styles, you can choose a pair of panda slippers with multi-color patterns to highlight the design.

Panda slippers

7) Panda sweaters and sweaters

Our sweatshirts and hooded sweaters make you feel the warmth of the panda, just like this amazing cub. In this collection, you'll find high definition, cotton and polyester printed sweatshirts. Zippers, kangaroo pockets, long sleeves... Everything you need to have a warm winter.

If you want to make winter warmer, take a look at our partner, Kingdom- "And their lovely collection Owl sweater-Yes. You can also find different kinds of objects around this mythical animal, such as jewelry, plush toys, T-shirts.

Panda sweater

6) Panda Bracelet

Why panda bracelet?

There are many words to describe this special animal. Smart, persistent, protective... Lapanda is a symbol of protection, and carrying a totem can bring you many benefits.

Panda bracelet for you

"Bohemian Panda" style💎 Is summer here?

So create a style by decorating your wrist or ankle with a beautiful Brazilian bracelet. You can do this with a chic Bracelet decorated with beads, semi precious stones or turquoise jewelry of your choice. If that's not enough? So let yourself be seduced by a beautiful shell ornament. Anyway, you will understand that in Panda World, we have what you need.

Do you like the low-key and simple appearance?

Do you need waves?

Find your favorite from our range of rhinestones, white pearls or knotted bracelets. If your goal is to attract attention, Silver Chain Bracelets will be an ideal choice. You can match your bracelet with other beautiful jewelry, such as rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and even watches. The possibilities are infinite, and you can use your imagination.

Men will not be forgotten...

Do you want to wear a real casual surfer? In this case, you can choose a completely national style black leather bracelet. If you want to be lighter, lace up bracelets are also a good choice. Finally, elastic bracelets are still the simplest and cheapest solution to have fun at a low cost.

Panda Bracelet

5) Panda Earrings

Provide information for your interlocutors...

If you like to shine in any case, you will like our rhodium silver, pure silver or gold metal panda earrings. If you choose to decorate them with rhinestones, pearls or fine stones, they will be more dazzling. You can also choose a pair of eyes coated with zirconia to release enough luster to attract all eyes.

Put on the original...

Do you like flowers, nature and Bohemia? So you can buy yourself big Oval Earrings made of steel, gemstones or turquoise opal. For 100% original look, don't forget to add bracelets, rings and necklaces to your clothes.

Stay awake and elegant...

In this case, you can find your happiness in lower profile, lighter earrings. These earrings can be gold or silver, both of which are safe and can keep your earlobes awake.

Panda Earrings

4) Panda T-shirt

What do you choose for panda T-shirt?

First of all, please note that our T-shirts are Unisex, so they are suitable for both men and women. Of course, some impressions are sometimes more suitable for men than women, and vice versa.

Looking for men's T-shirt

Do you prefer Polynesian style or exotic? So fall in love with tribal printed T-shirts or floral patterns. Perfect for giving you a casual look. If you want to stay awake, choose a white or grey shirt that suits all occasions. Don't forget to pair it with a hat, a hooded sweatshirt or a sweater of the same style.

Does the word "basic" on the top of the women's T-shirt scare you?

Then you will find what you need in your panda store to update your wardrobe. If you want to wear a beautiful casual dress, choose a T-shirt with heart-shaped pattern. They are very elegant and low-key. On the contrary, if you want to raise people's awareness, choose a T-shirt with information, because yes, it's important to remember that pandas are in danger! Only in this way can we awaken people's conscience...

Panda T-shirt

3) Panda Necklace

💬 You know what? In many cultures, especially in Asia, pandas are regarded as "guardian angels" and lucky charms. To avoid misfortune, medals are usually worn.

Which panda pendant suits me best?

Don't you like being ignored?

If you prefer shiny jewelry, choose 925 sterling silver or better white gold-plated Sterling Silver Pendant. Be sure to dazzle your audience. You can also be content with a gem roll or a beautiful crystal. If you want to highlight your neckline. Please feel free to match with other jewelry, such as earrings, rings, watches and bracelets...

It's more like the "fashionable lady" style?

Choose a minimalist rope pendant, you can match it with a beautiful round collar to give you a unique appearance. Gold and silver are eternal. For example, you can wear a beautiful silver necklace covered with Rhinestones or light pearls, with a ring or bracelet of the same color. Rose gold is also a must see option if you want to add a beautiful Bohemian look.

What about men?

We also offer "original" series of wooden pendants and necklaces. You can also find silver, gold or silver alloy jewelry.

Panda Pendant


2) Panda ring

Do you keep a low profile?

In this case, we suggest you choose thin ring or stainless steel ring. The latter will finish your dress with calmness and delicacy. You can also find your favorite ring in our ring, or on a beautiful zirconia ring, which is made of gold alloy and makes you look bohemian.

Are you not afraid of prosperity?

If you like beautiful jewelry, then you will have a lot of fun. For example, you might like a big, wide ring with a panda on it. Do you want more pills? Then choose a beautiful, precious ring, rich in hues (turquoise, pink, green...), or decorated with a gorgeous opal.

Do you like luster and luster?

Our 925 silver rings and other precious metals will be made for you! Maybe you'll succumb to a gorgeous sterling silver ring or covered with platinum and rhinestones? If so, you don't have to ruin yourself. Panda World offers you jewelry as beautiful as a jeweler, but there is one detail... It's three times cheaper.

💍 How do I wear a panda ring?

You must wear a ring every day, so it's important to know the symbolism of each finger:

  • Ring finger: characteristic of love and passion. Especially the left hand.
  • Auricle: a synonym for eloquence. It's also an elegant way to dress and is often underestimated.
  • About the middle finger: we know that this finger is more often used for naughty gestures. But you can also use it to emphasize your rebellion.
  • On the index: symbolizing the richness of some beliefs.

Finally, please feel free to match your watch, bracelet, necklace or earring to make your dress perfect.

Panda ring

1) Panda store:

It's obviously number one.Panda World store!

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