📿 The pendant Part of the sumptuous Jewelry From our collection dedicated to this animal. Often used for all kinds of magical or ceremonial events, the necklace has a pendentif attached to a medallion and is placed against your chest or neck.

The pendant is often composed of different materials and precious stones. The necklace itself is often Sterling silver, in gold or diamond, as well as the chain to breloques which can be made of silver plated or of precious stone.

Often composed of small ties that allow you to decorate your necklace with a medallion, a amulet, a pendant or a cross, you can also insert beautiful stones such as ruby, precious pearls, diamond, sapphire, garnet or emerald in order to be the most beautiful.

The panda necklace chain is replaceable by a cord, or a leather strip that rolls around the neck, and that's what we're going to see in this blog.

Panda gem and pendentif


The main reason why we chose to put a sterling silver panda necklace in our collars collection is that sterling silver has a higher resistance than other metals such as gold or the pure silver chain.

In addition, the sterling silver necklace is very similar to plated platinum or white gold, making it an exceptional choice for your panda necklace. As luxurious as platinum, sterling money will cost you less. A silver pendant can also be hung on your necklace by clipping it with a medallion on top. The sterling silver necklace is usually 92.5 % pure.

Sterling silver panda pendant

In most cases, the design of sterling silver panda necklaces is covered with a pure silver. The thin layer of pure silver enhances the appearance of the necklace by making it sparkling, shiny and unique. The sterling silver jewelry is very resistant to daily wear.

The sterling silver necklace has a large ability to withstand exposure to elements and intensive daily use without fear of deterioration. With an excellent maintenance of the necklace, it could become your magical companion for life.


Several types of gold panda necklaces are available on our online shop, you can find them with the carat gold label that accompanies them to find out more about their composition.

Our necklaces are sometimes made of an alloy of gold, silver or non-gold metal and thus covered with a very light and thin layer of gold to give the jewel the appearance of a real piece of gold more elegant than ever.

The panda pendant can be a yellow gold plated necklace but it will not be in any case solid gold. The gold chains that make up the necklace can also be considered as a gold chain 14k, as well as the pendant which can also be plated or pink gold.

  • 24K "100 % pure gold" The 24K is the best and most luxurious gold carat.
  • 22K "92 % gold and 8 % allied metals" this mixture remains a soft mixture of metal which is composed only of 8 % of metal combined with gold.
  • 18K "75 % gold and 25 % Allied metals (silver gold)" 18K gold is an easy mixture to find. This mixture tends to have a deep gold-yellow tint compared to 14K, making it a jewel of excellent quality.
  • 14K "58 % gold and 42 % Allied metals" this mixture offers a very high resistance to wear compared to 22K or 18K. It is the perfect blend of pink gold for everyday use. The necklace is often found on alliances and engagement rings. It will remain the best choice for you.
  • 10K gold or 10k white gold which is mixed with 41.7% gold plate and 58.3% alloy. It contains more alloy than plated gold and is currently the cheapest on the market.


The diamond panda necklace is certainly the most expensive jewel, its price can vary considerably depending on the quality of the diamond, the number of diamonds on the necklace or depending on its carat weight.

A panda necklace with a single small diamond can be worth 250 euros or a little less, for its diamond pendant too. However, one of the most expensive diamond necklaces, set with a multitude of diamonds all around, can be worth more than 30,000 euros.

If you are looking for a panda-type silver diamond necklace to wear in everyday life, be aware that the diamond necklace is elegant by nature. Book this panda diamond necklace jewel exclusively for exceptional events for a surprising and sophisticated look.

The diamond heart pendant blends perfectly with simple black dresses, as the darkness of this color brings out the contrast of the diamond's size, making it shine. The thicker the size of the diamond heart necklace, the more minimalist your style of dress should be. and subtle.


At Panda Universe, we have selected the best products related to the theme of panda collars. Find in our online shop the cream of the cream of pendants in sterling silver, gold, diamond and other materials such as pastel, charm, transparent, crystal, plastic or other types of materials.

Different colors are also available like the usual black and white surrounded by sequins, a pastel color, pink or pixel art style.

Panda pendant

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