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Pandas belong to The bear family. They are mainly found in different parts of China, but some pandas also live in captivity in zoos.

The best-known and most striking feature of a panda is the black and white coloration of its fur. This distinguishes it from other bears and makes it easily identifiable as a panda for most people.

However, we can not only admire the pandas living at the zoo in real life, but they sometimes appear in our dreams. Sometimes it happens when you just went to the zoo and saw a panda.

Often, however, the animal has a symbolic meaning which goes well beyond the mere treatment of a real experience. Which one?

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Pandas are solitary animals, which means that bears do not live in communities, but prefer to live alone in areas of a certain size.

In this context, a panda as a dream symbol may indicate problems in interpersonal relations.

If you see only one of the animals in your dream, it is generally thought that it is difficult to open up to others. It is also possible that the dreamer simply does not feel comfortable when he is in the company for a long time.

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In principle, this preference for solitude is not critical, but the person concerned must be careful not to feel too lonely in the long term. There are moments in life where it too depends on the support of its peers and the safety of a circle of friends.

A dream in which you see several pandas can also be a symbol of strong competitive pressure. In real life, the dreamer must constantly be measured against others, especially in his professional environment.

It requires a lot of force. He should ask whether it would not be a good idea to take some time to relax.


In the psychological interpretation of dreams, all bear species are symbols of women's powers. This is why pandas are also of particular importance, especially in the dreams of a man.

The animal shows how the person concerned deals with the female authorities and how this affects not only his daily life, but also his partnership. The exact meaning depends on the concrete circumstances as well as the feelings felt in the dream.

Due to the black and white coloration of Chinese fur and habitat, some psychoanalysts believe that a panda can also represent a harmonious balance:

Positive and negative things balance a person's life. He feels in harmony with himself and therefore does not lose his composure even in difficult situations or when confronted with problems. This is especially true if the panda's dream has been a pleasant one and has not caused any negative feelings.

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According to the spiritual approach, the dream panda is a symbol of strength, balance and power.

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