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Panda fashion? What? In recent years, more and more products appear with the effigy of the famous black and white animal. Cups, clothes, everything possible and unimaginable.

But where does this craze for the panda who stirs the curiosity of all populations ?

We can separate the origins into two very distinct aspects: why the panda is used as an effigy and how the link between the panda and the pajamas appeared. Here are some explanations to understand the origin of this fashion.

yellow panda pajamas


Revered in Asia and more particularly in China, the panda (giant) is considered a national treasure. With a white fur spotted with black, this animal is of a soothing calm.

The cause ? Perhaps the time spent chewing bamboo (up to 13 hours a day on average) as well as his habit of nipping up to 10 hours a day (so there is only a small hour left to "spend" playing, rolling in the grass or practicing any other activity that does not burn too many calories).

Anyway, this "pandastic" culture has conquered a part of the world and today we find the wonder in the eyes of the people who observe these lazy animals.

From ANIMAL to product marketing

Because of the adoration of the populations for this serene animal, the market of products with the effigy of the panda has quickly emerged and today touches everything possible and imaginable.

But one of the most important areas is the pajamas. Combination, frog, classic pajamas, dressing gown, bathrobe, no type of pajamas escapes this fashion !

However, it becomes more and more complicated to find yourself in this world that offers an infinity of panda-products.

However, there is another reason that causes people to wear clothes depicting a panda (or other animals).


Do you know the term «kigurumi» ? This foreign-sounding word comes from Japanese. It is a term that refers to people in disguise. These disguises take different forms, from superhero costumes to cartoon characters to disguise representative of animals.

Originally, these costume appeared in shopping malls during specific events as a preview of a movie. It was then that a new Japanese lifestyle appeared : the «ganguro ».

This consists in using "kigurumi" as an everyday garment. The most popular kawaii costumes in the beginning were Pikachu, Winnie the Pooh or Hello Kitty.

However, fashions evolve and appeared costumes depicting animals. It was then that with globalization, the purely Japanese style soon reached the Westerners.

Nevertheless, we are rather in a use as pajamas only as costumes (except during conventions such as the Japan Expo in which it becomes almost imperative to wear a costume !).

We sell different types of pajamas with the effigy of the panda and if you are looking for a night outfit with the effigy of another animal or more classic, you may well redirect to the pyjamas in pilou to prepare the Winter Warm !

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