9 Clever Ideas For Storing Plush Animals

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9 Clever Ideas For Storing Plush Animals

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They're cute. They are cuddly. And they take possession of your house. Organize the collection of stuffed animals 🧸 your child with these smart (and stylish!) Storage ideas.

Your child's plush friends can be very difficult to put away. They are bulky, oddly shaped and constantly in use. If you find your home overrun with lint, don't just toss them in a corner or on a bed and call it okay.

Instead, check out these nine smart storage ideas. We found tips from bloggers to build a zoo of stuffed animals, hang a hammock, rearrange a planter, and much more.

You can also do like this family and label the trash cans with a picture of the storage toys so your child can help with the cleanup.

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Unless you have a bench, most of the space at the foot of the bed is wasted. Change that up with this fun stuffed animal storage idea.

This project uses wood and cord to create a pretty corral that fits snugly around the edge of a bed frame. Plus, DIY is fully customizable.

You can change the measurements to fit your child's bed, and paint or stain it in their favorite color.

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Most stuffed animals are stored with an expiration date. Once your child has grown larger than their toys, there is no point in reserving specific storage space for them.

This is where this great idea comes in. The hanging storage system works great for stuffed animals, but it can also hold clothes, books and other essentials as your child grows.

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This stuffed animal storage idea is very simple. All you need is a collection of pretty bins or baskets.

These storage bins are very handy for transporting toys from the bedroom to the play area, and they can hold a lot of things. For easier access, lay the large plush at the bottom, then stack the smaller ones on top.

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Your child's furry friends deserve a little fun too. This plush animal swing is a great accessory for a child's room. Plus, the swing is surprisingly simple to make. All you need are wood, hooks, and rope.

Personalize the project by painting the wood in fun colors or using a patterned clothesline.

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For easier access without going overboard, consider a mix of open and closed storage. This pretty cabinet features both open shelves for display items and baskets for messy.

For this setup, determine with your child the limit on the number of stuffed animals he can display at a time. Think about three or four toys at a time. The rest can be nested in one of the baskets.

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A comfortable hanging hammock is the perfect place for stuffed animals. This DIY storage net effortlessly combines beauty and practicality. Make one with a large piece of fabric, bias tape, and nails to hang it up.

That's all. If you want, you can decorate the edge of the net with trims, like this colorful pom pom edge.

hanging hammock panda universe

Advice : The key to this net is the hanging height. If you just want to display stuffed animals, place it in a high corner. But if you want your child to be able to grab toys, hang them up close at hand.


If your child has a steadily growing stuffed animal zoo, it makes sense to build a cage for them. This smart storage idea is tucked away in a corner.

Not only does it make use of otherwise wasted space, it can also be customized to accommodate the number of animals you need to store. An extendable roll of twine forms the bars of the cage and allows your child to easily get animals in and out.

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Inspire your little one to love reading with a cozy reading nook, complete with a basket of their favorite toys.

Just find a whimsical basket, then fill it to the brim with stuffed animals. Bonus points if the fluff matches the character in the book.

panda universe reading corner


You know the saying: one person's waste is another's treasure. And when we stumbled upon an old hanging planter, we decided to turn it into an adorable stuffed animal display.

All the jar needed was a little paint and some decorative embellishments. Keep an eye out at thrift stores, yard sales, and flea markets for a similar piece that could be used in your own home.

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