Man has always needed understanding the environment that surrounds him; especially during the period leading up to the industrial revolution, when the majority of the population lived in the rural world, understanding the interactions organizations between them and with their environment could make a big difference in people's lives.

We all know superstitions and sayings that try to explain the climate, life cycles and a long summer. However, if we want to know the relationships that exist in the natural world, we will have to pay attention to science, and in particular to ecology. We offer you the opportunity to learn more about the history of ecology.

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Everyone can work on a daily routine Lean.
Discover these simple ways to start reducing your plastic waste!

World plastics production exceeded one tonne per day in 2018. Single-use plastics account for half of the world's output. The first step in reducing these numbers is to reduce the non-reusable plastics present in the daily routine of each.

The three "Rs" have become a mainstay in all languages and cultures. You can do this and follow nine low-cost tips for Reduce, reuse and recycle Your waste.

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Bamboo is a wood much more ecological than conventional wood, that which comes from trees. There are many reasons for this, but that doesn't mean it will always be greener.

There are a number of factors to consider, such as best practices in harvesting methods or carbon footprint transport associated with a particular product.

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📿 The pendant is one of the sumptuous Jewelry our collection dedicated to this animal. Often used for all kinds of magical or ceremonial events, the necklace has a pendant attached to a medallion and is placed against your chest or neck.

The pendant is often made up of different materials and gemstones. The necklace itself is often in sterling silver, gold or diamond, as well as the charm chain which can be plated silver or precious stone.

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Good morning! This time, I bring a tutorial to make Pixel Art easily, where I'll talk about how I work with this technique.

It is important to point out that despite the existence of several programs to do what I teach, I will focus exclusively on Easy Paint Tool Sai (now called Sai), as I consider it to be a core program, Easy to access and versatile that allows you to work on the different ideas you may have regarding drawing.

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Panda fashion? What? In recent years, more and more products appear with the effigy of the famous black and white animal. Cups, clothes, everything possible and unimaginable.

But where does this craze for the panda who stirs the curiosity of all populations ?

We can separate the origins into two very distinct aspects: why the panda is used as an effigy and how the link between the panda and the pajamas appeared. Here are some explanations to understand the origin of this fashion.

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